Friday, November 9, 2007

An ode to my favorite artist

So on Tuesday, I went to the Vic and saw my umpteenth Tori Amos show. It's never a tough decision for me to make when it comes to seeing my absolute favorite singer in the world in concert. This however was a special occasion because after all the theatre shows, I was being treated to an intimate show at one of my favorite venues in Chicago. Tori came out dressed as the character "Pip" from her most recent release, American Doll Posse. I hadn't been keeping up with reviews from this tour so I had no idea she was going to come out as anything other than "Tori." What a great surprise. Pip came out in an outfit similar to this and ripped through a bunch of killer songs, like "Cruel" which I LOVE and I don't think I've ever heard performed live. The band really makes this sound complete, they are so in tune with what Tori is doing on stage. After a few more songs that really sting, (Waitress, an instrumental-psycho knife/gun wielding Pip performing Me and A Gun, and some songs from the new album), Pip left the stage for what seemed like maybe 10 minutes? And then the band just played over the song Professional Widow while Tori did a costume change. She then came out as "Tori" in the long red wig and this crazy Studio-54 looking outfit with just one sleeve. Then we were back to the happy Tori again. I really felt like I got two shows in one here! What I really love about Tori is that every single show is completely different. The catalogue that Tori now has is SO wide and so different that you will never see the same show twice. I guess that's why I keep going. It's funny, every time before and after I go to a Tori show, it's all I can think about and it's all I can listen to. I have had her on constant repeat now for about 3 weeks straight. I don't know anyone else whose lyrics affect me so immensely. I saw this really great interview last weekend with Tori on this channel called Ovation and it really opened my eyes even more to some of her lyrics and how she is so in tune with her surroundings.
Anyway, I guess this is enough for my ode to Tori. I am so blessed to have had the opportunity to meet this woman and I will forever treasure the impact her music has had on my life.

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Adventures In Babywearing said...

I have been in such a Tori mood lately. The oldies like Baker, Baker... oh, get me everytime. How awesome to see her at the Vic!