Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Every week, there is a little poem or inscription at the end of my weekly pregnancy emails from Mothering Magazine. I thought I'd share this week's edition. It is hard for me not to be moved to tears each time I receive these:

This baby moves inside me now
Sending messages at night-
Morse code
About life on the inside:
It is dark
But warm and quiet
With only muffled echoes softly pleading,
Wake up, little one.
I want to know you're in there,
Happy and safe.
Answers come again-
A sudden flutter-
Secret lyrics of song with no rhythm.
Played with hands and feet.

Someday I will hear the song again-
A high-pitched, quick and breathy humming.
I will teach her that she's been singing that old song forever,
And reach out for little splayed hands
That have long since held my heart.

By Yvette Benavides

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Adventures In Babywearing said...

I love Mothering SO MUCH.