Friday, October 26, 2007

In Rainbows

If you have not heard this album yet and you love Radiohead, it's really your own fault. In case you haven't heard, the band is offering this album on the web and you can find it at You can put in your own price to download it, whether you pay nothing or pay a lot is up to the listener. I've had this on constant repeat for the past couple of weeks. It's a lot more tame than some of their more recent albums, and a lot of the strings and really great subtle instrumentation that we got to know on OK Computer is back. My personal favorite track is "All I Need." There's still this darkness, this sadness to some of the songs, and I can always appreciate a well-thought out love track. The album itself is just gorgeous, perfect for a long car ride or just relaxing at home as I've listened to it both ways now and it is really that versatile. The final track, "Videotape," is also quite good, but then again I tend to cling to the slower, more mellow Radiohead. Anyway, it's definitely worth a listen and I think everyone can find something to enjoy in its beauty.

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McL said...

I definitely spent a large portion of my road trip with In Rainbows on repeat. My favorite track is probably Reckoner. I want to be that tambourine.

It kind of feels like they're scaling back just a little farther into being a damn good rock and roll band. They didn't have to keep pushing boundaries...they're comfortable where they are at, settled on a sound. maybe they'll go out there 2011, when the next album is out. ha.