Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy New Year!

Hello dear readers!

I hope everyone had a safe and happy New Year's and is all refreshed and ready to kick off 2010!

We celebrated with some friends, kept it low-key, but I still stayed up later than I intended to. However, hubby and I slept in a good bit on Friday and basically relaxed that day. Saturday we rant some errands and had lunch at the Olive Garden (I got a gift card for Christmas). I was craving those breadsticks and salad so we had to go sooner than later. LOL.

After that, we headed over the adjacent mall for some shopping. We didn't have anything to return this year but I wanted to look for some maternity pants at the Kohl's over there because I was down to one pair of jeans that fit me and work pants that left me basically wincing in pain every time I sat down. I had been sort of reluctant to buy these up to this point because of how ridiculous they looked but little did I know, MATERNITY PANTS ARE A REVELATION!!!!!!!
Wow. Aside from the amusing fact that they only come in S, M, L and the variations of Extra-small or large at that, I managed to find a pair that works. The funny thing is, I'm a small in one pair and a medium in the other. The best part about these pants is NO BUTTONS OR ZIPPERS, I just pull 'em up and off I go! They're actually quite hilarious. Matt was making fun of me because he was getting his stretchy-pants on last night to relax in and he was like, no fair, you've been in yours all day! I can tell you I will be wearing the hell out of these things until it's time for normal clothes again. Love.

Other than that, not much else happened this weekend. I did experience one minor mood swing that I can laugh about now, but at the time really bugged me. I kept reading in my baby books about how your mood can change during pregnancy and you can cry at the drop of a hat. Up to this point, that had not been my experience (aside from the typical TV show or commercial which I thought everyone cried at). Well, the other day, my cat decided to rest on my lap for awhile, for a short while, then decided he had had enough. Now if you know my cat, you know that when he gets in that evil mood, just get him out of your sight as quickly as possible. Well, I was not so quick this time. He scratched my arm in like 5 different places, drawing blood and I swear hitting every vein. It hurt!! I started crying from the pain, from having a mean cat, from who knows what. But now looking back, I'm thinking, I've been hurt by him before and didn't start bawling, why now? Of course, the hormones. That must be it.

Other than that, I've just been trying to eat healthy (Thanks Dr. Oz!), sleep plenty and try not to stress out. I really love to sleep on my back and stomach too, and these days it's been harder and harder to do. This sleeping on your side business has never been my favorite. Ah well.
It's all gonna be worth it in the end, right?


Adventures In Babywearing said...

Oh it gets better and better. I do love being pregnant. I'm so excited for you. I think I'll probably say this in EVERY comment.

Also, some of my favorite maternity clothes are by Olian and Gap maternity jeans (long & lean!) were always so awesome.


Adventures In Babywearing said...

Also, remember that awesome baby/maternity boutique in the Bloomingdale's building? I got those WONDERFUL Michael Stars tees? We should go there again. Maybe they have a registry?


Anonymous said...

Maternity pants are definitely a relief once you hit a certain stage. And I love how they stretch. However, the downside is that I feel like I spend a lot of time pulling my pants back up because once I bend over they just kind of stretch and then stay down where they ended up. Nate has a co-worker who discovered maternity jeans and wears them all the time now ... even though she's never been pregnant.

By the way, I went to the downtown Gap (right by FS) the day before Christmas and they had great deals/selection. They still might. It's the only one in the area with maternity. But I got my favorite pair of maternity jeans yet there.

Anonymous said...

Maternity pants do feel great once you hit a certain point. Although, the one downside is that I feel like I spend a lot more time pulling my pants up now. Because once you bend they just kind of stretch and stay down low. Nate has a coworker who has started wearing maternity jeans, despite never having been pregnant, just b/c they are comfortable.

By the way, I went to the downtown Gap (Mich & Ohio or something) and they had some great maternity selections/sales. It's the only one with maternity in the area. I got my fave pair of maternity jeans yet.

Anonymous said...

Nice to find your lovely blog! I see we have a common interest in Chicago and food / eating, so thought I'd just say hi :)

Erin said...

I resisted maternity pants for so long, too, but once I put them on...I didn't want to take them off!

Kate Pantinas said...

Target has nice maternitywear at good prices. I'm cheap - buying a whole wardrobe for a few month's use was painful, but Target's stuff was still good quality without being $60 for a pair of jeans.

You may want to keep one pair of maternity pants for Thanksgiving! They look nicer than sweats, but you don't have to unbutton them when you stuff yourself full of heavenly food. Just wear a long shirt! ;)

Be thankful that at 18 weeks you're just now getting hormonal. I cried for an hour over not being able to find a clean fork in our kitchen as they were all being washed in the dishwasher. I actually pulled a chair into the kitchen and stared at the dishwasher until it was done. *sigh* That was at about 10 weeks.

I'm so glad you're enjoying this first pregnancy. Each one is special, but I think the first one is magical because it's the first time you go through all of these feelings and sensations. Will this be your only bundle of joy, or are you thinking of more in the future?

Jen K. said...

Kate- I hope to have another within a couple years of this one. I would like for him/her to have a sibling. Although I think we'll stop at 2-we don't want to be outnumbered!! I have a feeling my husband feels the same with the way he'll mention how my Kate Spade baby bag will work out great for the next baby :)