Tuesday, December 22, 2009

What do you crave?

So today I have been thinking about cravings and how I have been enjoying all my favorite foods in this pregnancy, to no end.
I started out in the first trimester having NO appetite at ALL and while that would be great for a woman trying to lose a few pounds, for a growing life that is no way to live. I basically survived on crackers and celery for the first several weeks, but it felt like months. My poor husband would try and come up with these amazing dinner ideas, but the thought of them made my stomach turn. Nothing sounded good. Mashed potatoes-are you kidding me? Even chicken (one of my favorites!) sounded disgusting.
Then I went through the phase of liking nacho cheese on everything. Tortilla chips, hot pretzel, you name it, I could not get enough nacho cheese.
Presently, I am really starting to get back into food and my appetite has come back full force!! I start to worry when I will get my next meal :) My in-laws do not do a big sit-down dinner on Christmas Eve like my family, so hubby embarrassed me by asking his mom on my behalf what's for dinner because "Jen was wondering how often she will get to eat." Gee, thanks. I just wondered because we're going on a long road trip and church is that evening, so I need to plan how to feed myself and my baby and should I bring some nachos for the road? :)

On the negative side, I have been bombarded with sweets lately and while I love candy, cookies and chocolate, I am feeling that these are not such good things to be introducing to a fetus. Will they even be able to get teeth at all if I keep this up? Mostly though, I want savory, not sweet. Why can't someone bring me a big bucket of popcorn or salted pretzels instead? Why hasn't that become the new holiday tradition? I should start it, seriously.

Well, I digress, but I hope everyone has a great enjoyable holiday season. I probably won't post on here until after the holiday but who knows. The in-laws have a cozy little computer nook and I might get the urge to blog around 3am after my 4th pee run of the night. Been feeling a little restless at night these days. I thought I was supposed to get a LOT of sleep right now because later I won't have that luxury, but all my body wants to do is lie awake. I guess it's doing it's job of preparing me for 2am feedings so I'm not in total shock when it becomes a reality!!


Adventures In Babywearing said...

I am still pinching myself that you are pregnant!

So, I had similar cravings, and some times it was a DESPERATE need for celery to the point I carried it everywhere, even to bed.

Sugar won't hurt babies teeth now, but could make a bigger baby and could make pregnancy harder for you, so it's good to monitor it- everything in moderation!

Love you! Have a wonderful Christmas!


Kate Pantinas said...

The food cravings are fun. :\ I craved hot dogs (which, by the way, I hate) with the first one, but if someone ate chicken NEAR me (which I love), I got queasy. Oh, and Boston cream doughnuts from Sue's Bakery in Portage - they used to supply the morning PHS doughnuts, remember? With the second, all I wanted was frozen Cokes from Burger King and all the strawberries I could get my hands on. Might have had something to do with being due in August!

Just listen to your body and your instincts, they'll tell you what to do. And every once in a while (or more!) give in to those nacho cheese cravings! Enjoy this time of being pregnant - it goes so fast!

~michelle pendergrass said...

I craved (and ATE!) cucumbers and Sonic fresh lemon slushies like every single day.

Jen K. said...

Michelle, that's so funny. I have always loved cucumbers but lately they are all I want too. I had a whole one yesterday before dinner and bought two tonight on my way home from work. I cut it up and plan on taking it with me to work tomorrow!